Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Current situation of China -2016 . Guangzhou City!

Hello, My name is Ashfaque, I'm from North India. I have a business from China & so I am regular traveller to China specially Guangzhou City.

Guangzhou City:
Guangzhou is the third largest city of China,in the Guangdong District,after Beijing & Shanghai. Guangzhou is actually a Business city, although have some good places as tourist attractions. Not as good as Beijing or Shanghai.

As Guangzhou is famous for Business, here you will find people coming for their trade & Business purposes. Guangzhou has dubbed as one of the business capital of Asia also.

People often seen here busy with their business traveller, looking for their products, visiting, exploring markets for new products & design.People won't find any difficulty for travelling, like visiting factories or looking for a particular market, as public transport is one of the best in China.

 Although language is little problem but it can taken care of if you hire translator or if you are visiting a factory, then you don't need to worry as they can guide taxi to their place. You just have to make the factory person talk to the taxi driver. But be careful as it had happened with me too & I feel little awkward to mention here that when you pay taxi driver fare, if you are are taking balance money, carefully check whether it is original or not, as taxi driver are on top of using fake currencies.

Now,I  am gonna dicuss about 'Is China really facing recession '
I remember in year 2006, China business was growing in a fast pace, even though China opens up one of the biggest commodity market "futian market" in yiwu city, zhijiang province.
It was a well planned decision of china government for selecting choicest location, it is just 2 hour maximum travelling time through fast train from well established shanghai. 

Major airlines also operates their flight from shanghai and China southern Airlines from guangzhou. Yiwu market opens up lots of business option for not so big importers,hence a good business exchanges between mainly from yiwu and india.

As I have business from guangzhou, (third largest city of china) I travelled mostly to guangzhou and then to yiwu & any other city thereon.
Let me clearly mention, business dealing is very different in guangzhou from yiwu, as it a very big city, people here are usually seems to be in hurry.

People here are always busy, when I visit markets and doing some business purchasing ,people greet and welcome you nicely ,and as you are done they engage themselves in other work and won't listen to you if you got some questions or something else.
Now , as business were going good, markets and factories were busy all round the year.

I will come to the year 2014,
What I had seen in china is their economy was falling, American dollar keeps on griping and crunching more and more. Slowly customers footfall started crumbling, I never seen there ,sometimes the markets which used to be crowded with customer, was like completely empty.

The shop keepers who used to be always seen engage in some work, were started seeing playing cards outside their shops, I started enquiring with people with whom I do business,answer were rather dis-satisfying, they told me lots of factories started closing. 

Lots of workers going back to Their native places. Shops and factories who very rarely talk on phones and reply very late on emails nowdays started calling me, sending emails , asking for orders.
At last, what I never thought was happening now. China really facing recession now.

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Will return with some new blog.